Wesley Harris

For NC House District 105

My name is Wesley Harris and I’m a member of the North Carolina House of Representatives, representing District 105 in the Ballantyne, Providence Country Club, and Pineville areas of Mecklenburg County. In 2018 I was elected to help break the Republican Supermajority in Raleigh, and we did! Since then we have been able to stop an array of harmful legislation that would have continued to hinder the bright future of our State.

I’m running for re-election because our work is not finished. Simply stopping bad legislation is not enough; this year we need to take back the State House and once again put the people of North Carolina first!

Vision, Issues, & Values

I am a North Carolinian born and bred, and as the ONLY PhD Economist in the NC Legislature, I’m ready to put my skills and experience to use building an economy that is not only poised for great growth, but one that works for every single North Carolinian.  For the past decade of Republican control, the real long-term drivers of our success:  Quality Education, Smart Infrastructure, and Affordable Healthcare, have been neglected in favor of short-sighted tax cuts. 

North Carolinians deserves a government that works for everyone and I will continue to fight until we get there!

Quality Education

Our Schools are the backbone of our community and we need to commit to making sure that every child has access to a world-class education, regardless the zip code.  To continue to grow and thrive we have to home grow our talent right here, and that starts with investing in our schools and our teachers.

To do this, we need to one, attract our country’s top teachers to come AND stay in NC and two, minimize the regulatory burdens placed on our educators.  It is not limited to just teacher pay.  The regulatory hoops our teachers are forced to jump through strain the will and determination of even the most dedicated teacher.  We need to put more autonomy back in the classroom and stop the bureaucrats in Raleigh from telling our dedicated educational professionals how to do their jobs.  

The quality of a child’s education should not depend on where they live or the economic class of their parents.  Our battle against stifling economic mobility begins with this belief. We need statewide pre-K system and a true investment in after school programs to make this happen. 

These goals, while daunting, will yield returns to our investment tenfold.  The product will dwarf the investment because as educational attainment and performance rise, Incarceration rates will decline, economic inequality will lessen, and the quality of life for our residents will increase, not only improving economic mobility, but providing our schools with the means to excel and in turn help contribute to our growing economy.

Smart Infrastructure

For us to grow and provide opportunities for everyone, we have to have the infrastructure to connect our communities with the economic opportunities available.

Our area is one of the best places to live in the entire county, and people are flocking here in droves. We cannot squander this opportunity by failing to provide our cities and towns with the infrastructure necessary to accommodate our growth.  We need leadership in our state government that understands to be cutting edge, we cannot be reactive.  We must be proactive in building a community that is primed to expand, not simply to handle what is already present.   

We need a modern infrastructure that will allow our cities to continue to grow, while at the same time provide an avenue to connect our rural and urban corridors, bringing together the best economic opportunities for all North Carolinians, regardless of where they live.

Affordable Healthcare and Economic Opportunity

Healthcare and economic opportunities must be available to every single person in our State.  

I will fight to expand Medicaid in North Carolina so that no matter what your income, or where you live, you will have access to affordable health insurance. We have paid billions in federal taxes to watch other states expand access to healthcare and its time we bring that money back home, to help lower ALL of our healthcare costs.

Additionally, we must ensure that everyone in our state has the opportunity to succeed.  The biggest threat to our democracy is a lack of economic mobility.  We know that for our prosperity to be sustainable, everyone must buy in.  But right now, too many of our families are being left behind.  By investing in our communities, we can make sure that everyone has access to the exceptional growth our state has experienced the past decades, and a means to achieve the American Dream.

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The Leadership Our State Needs Right Now

About Wesley

Wesley is a North Carolinian born and bred.  A Graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill with a degree in Economics, he went on to earn his PhD in Economic from Clemson University.  Today he works as an Economic Consultant, Adjunct Professor of Economics at UNC-Charlotte, and started a small business with his twin sister to help local non-profits raise money.

Wesley is running for re-election to the NC House of Representatives because he wants to put his skills and experience to use building an economy that is not only poised for great growth, but one that works for every single North Carolinian. 

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Early Enthusiasm

Wesley’s passion for politics and policy began at an early age. It was in his grade school classroom where he first learned the importance of standing up for what you believe in – especially as a Democrat growing up in rural North Carolina.  He identifies those formative years as the catalyst for his curiosity in democracy and government. With each year his curiosity grew, driving him to do whatever he could to understand the role and impact government and policy had on the public as a whole and on each and every person. As a young adult he understood more and more the positive impact a progressive, citizen-first government could have, and this passion eventually dictated his career path to become an Economist.

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Learning To Lead

Following his graduation from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Wesley earned a PhD in Economics from Clemson University in South Carolina, focusing on political economy and public finance.  There, Wesley discovered his love for teaching and community service.  Through his teaching roles at Clemson, University of South Carolina and University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Wesley discovered how important it is to instill the principles of Economics in the next generation of leaders.

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Standing Up For Our House

After his stint at the University of South Carolina, Wesley decided to enter the private sector as an Economist in Boston; but his heart remained in North Carolina. Following the passage of HB2 Wesley decided it was time to return home to start fighting for the government he knew North Carolinians deserved. Since returning to North Carolina, Wesley has played an active role in the community. He is a member of the Charlotte Economics Club, the Mecklenburg County Young Democrats, served on the Steering Committee for the Arts and Science Council Young Donors Society.

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News & Updates 

Harris bill proposes $3.9B infrastructure bond for state

“We have critical and massive infrastructure needs in this state, highlighted by the $8 billion infrastructure need of our public school system,” Harris said.

State Democrats file bill to place $3.9B bond referendum on November ballot

“This proposal begins to close the gap in our infrastructure needs, preserves our general fund for other pressing expenses, and the capital projects will be a job creator as our State’s economy begins to recover from the COVID19 crisis,” Harris said.

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State lawmakers look into protecting truckers following FOX 46 reports

A series of FOX 46 investigations is getting results, and the attention of at least a half dozen state lawmakers, who are now looking at ways to protect truckers from "predatory" towing companies. "It was like extortion," said Cynthia Baker, who had to pay $5000 when her driver's truck was towed.

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"We may not all agree on everything, but we can agree on the necessity to move our reliance to clean, renewable energy," the legislators say. "And to that end a thorough review of both our state's utility plans and costs is needed."

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