It’s time to make an investment in our people.

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Wesley Harris Announcement VIDEO for State Treasurer

Wesley Harris will make the investments North Carolina needs.

Representative Wesley Harris is running for Treasurer because we deserve a leader in the Treasurer’s office who believes that our greatest resource is our people. As Treasurer, Wesley will make sound investments that keep North Carolina on strong financial ground. He’ll also work to increase our capacity to provide good healthcare and great retirements to state employees and smart infrastructure for all of us. With Wesley Harris at the helm, North Carolina can become a leader in the 21st century economy and remain the best state in the country to work and live.

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Wesley Harris will be a champion for working families.

From an early age, Wesley’s parents taught him that government can be a force for good when it invests in our communities. The son of a lifelong public school teacher and a local banker, Wesley grew up in the rural Foothills and western Piedmont, where he got to see firsthand what happens when our government understands that our people are our greatest asset—and what happens to communities when it abandons them.

After receiving his Bachelor’s degree from Carolina and his PhD in Economics from Clemson University, Wesley returned home to serve the people of North Carolina, and has since become the leading messenger and policy expert for economic and financial issues in the General Assembly, diving deep into the numbers in order to advocate for working families and build opportunity in our state. Now, he’s running for Treasurer to put his experience to work and ensure that every North Carolinian has the opportunity to reach their potential.

Wesley Harris is making news.

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