About Wesley Harris

Rural Roots

Wesley Harris spent the first years of his life in Taylorsville, nestled within the gentle slopes of the Brushy Mountains. It was a chaotic household, growing up as the youngest of four—just like any big family, but the Harrises were blessed with opportunities that allowed Wesley and his sister to dream big. His mother was a lifelong public school teacher and his father was a local banker. They taught Wesley and his sisters the value of hard work, a good education, and family. More than that, he learned early on how government can be a force for good in our communities when it invests in their success.

Growing up, Wesley was always curious about the role that government had to play in creating opportunities for some while others in his community struggled. After high school, he went off to UNC, where he got his Bachelor’s degree in Economics, and then Clemson for his PhD. Following his time at Clemson, he tried out teaching for a few years, and then private economic consulting, but his heart remained firmly back home in the rolling hills of Carolina.

Returning Home

After the North Carolina legislature passed House Bill 2, Wesley decided it was time to come home and fight for the North Carolina he remembered growing up—one that focuses on the kitchen table issues that matter, not on partisan payback and attacking our neighbors for who they are. Additionally, as a PhD economist, Wesley knew he could provide a unique perspective in the state government, helping guide our state toward policies that help all of us succeed.

So in 2018, Wesley came home, ran for the North Carolina House, and won, unseating an incumbent who’d won by ten points just two years prior. Since then, Wesley has become the leading messenger and policy expert for economic and financial issues in the General Assembly, diving deep into the numbers in order to advocate for working families and represent the people of his district in the legislature.

The Road Ahead

Now, Wesley is running for Treasurer because we deserve a leader in the Treasurer’s office who will be an advocate for long-term financial planning and sound fiscal policy. Every opportunity Wesley had growing up was because he had a state that believed in him, and as Treasurer, Wesley will help steer North Carolina back toward being a place where all of us can reach our full potential.

In the Treasurer’s office, Wesley will work hard to protect our state bond ratings, increase our capacity for investment in infrastructure that improves people’s lives, and ensure quality healthcare and a secure retirement for state employees. With Wesley Harris at the helm, North Carolina can become a leader in the 21st century economy and remain the best state in the country to work and live by investing in its greatest resource: its people.

When not fighting for working families on Jones Street, Wesley Harris lives in South Charlotte.

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