For too many of our communities, the last few decades have shown what happens when the world leaves them behind. Lack of investment has left once-vibrant places hollowed out, and our most vulnerable families have suffered as a result. Without opportunity, folks lose hope, which threatens the stability of not only our economy, but our very democracy. Our state is overflowing with potential, but to make opportunity accessible to every North Carolinian, we need a state government and we need a Treasurer who’s willing to invest in the most valuable asset we have: our people.

Let’s think and plan not just for tomorrow, but for years to come

As Treasurer, Wesley Harris will be an advocate for long-term thinking that will keep our state financially solvent for years to come. For too long, the Treasurer’s office has failed to look past tomorrow and adequately prepare our state for the challenges of the future. While doing so may yield results in the short-term, it leaves North Carolina’s funds vulnerable as our economy changes over time.

Let’s protect our state bond ratings and expand our investment capacity

North Carolina is one of only twelve states with a AAA credit rating, the highest possible. A strong bond rating allows our state to do more for our people, getting better rates as we seek to invest in infrastructure that improves people’s lives, like schools, clean water, and safe transportation. By managing our money responsibly, Wesley will protect our strong rating and expand our capacity to invest.

Let’s do right by our state employees

Growing up as the son of a lifelong public school teacher, Wesley saw firsthand how the benefits that the state offers affect our state employees and their families. In order to ensure the best possible future for our state, we need to have reliable benefits that will attract world-class employees to our schools and other government jobs. Wesley will always make wise investment decisions and look out for the health of our state pension fund and ensure that state employees benefit from a world-class health plan.

Let’s cut out the culture war nonsense and focus on the job at hand

The Treasurer’s office shouldn’t be a playground for partisan games—but at times, it has been. The current Treasurer has worked to deny healthcare to state employees who are part of vulnerable minority groups and to meddle in private companies’ affairs over their recognition that the market is embracing green energy. As Treasurer, Wesley will cut out the games and just focus on providing excellent value to North Carolina taxpayers.

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