State Representative Wesley Harris Files For State Treasurer

December 4th, 2023

Raleigh, NC — State Rep. Wesley Harris will file this afternoon for State Treasurer at the State Fairgrounds in Raleigh.

“Years of Republican governance in our state has failed our people and left rural communities like the one I grew up in to wither on the vine. As Treasurer, I know I’ll be able to help our state become a place that understands that our people are our greatest asset and create a state government that invests in their ability to succeed,” Harris said.

Wesley Harris grew up in rural Alexander and Iredell Counties, the son of a lifelong public school teacher and local banker.  A product of NC public schools, Harris graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill with a degree in Economics before receiving a PhD in Economics from Clemson. Prior to being elected to the state legislature, Wesley served as an international tax economic consultant, and also taught at Clemson, the University of South Carolina, and UNC Charlotte. In 2018, he ran for NC House District 105 in South Charlotte, flipping it from Republican hands and becoming the first Democrat to represent the seat since it was created in 2003.

Since entering the General Assembly, as the only PhD Economist in the Legislature, Harris has been the leading messenger and policy expert for House Democrats on issues of economics and finance.

Earlier this year, Harris announced he would run for State Treasurer in order to invest in our communities by supporting a robust health plan and pension plan for our state employees, assisting municipalities to make smart infrastructure investments via the Local Government Commission, and ensuring that every corner of North Carolina has the support and opportunities needed to succeed.

Since announcing, Harris has taken the clear frontrunner position for the Democratic nomination, raising nearly $300,000 since launch from over 1,300 grassroots contributions and securing the endorsement and support of more than 150 current and former elected officials from local school boards to US Congress and from every corner of the state. Harris’ complete list of endorsements can be viewed at

“People are clear that they want a statewide candidate and a Treasurer who understands North Carolina inside and out,” Harris said. “Someone who gets that our communities are being left behind, who has lived our urban and rural dynamics, and who knows that when their state government has their back, North Carolinians will thrive. No campaign in this election understands that like us.”

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