wesley harris for nc house of representatives district 105

  1. Catherine Bossi says:

    Hello Wesley,
    I am a liberal Republican that does not vote on party lines. I have been disappointed in the party for years and for President I was a Kasich fan. Hated Hillary and Trump. I am looking for more of a personal background. I come from a varied life. I love the fact that your Golden Retriever is a huge support system for you. I have Shelties and rescue hounds that I foster. They too are my suppotr but who do you have as qa family member? I am a former Union President and I know how difficult it is to make sure everyones needs are met with some one fighting against you in management. I have also spent many hours working on Capitol Hll working for flight attendants and the America Heart and Stroke Association. I get they are asses and forget where they come from after electons. I really have been frustrated and I want someone I can believe in again. I took a phone survey that was apaently a survey for you that left me thinking and I want to know more.
    Thank you in advance for considering a discussion.

  2. Yvette Wilson says:

    Hello Wesley,
    What I’ve read about your beliefs and agenda in politics so far sounds and looks good but I need to know more.
    It is definitely true that this country needs a major overhaul. I noticed that you stated that you have a non profit organization that helps promote small businesses. I too have an interest in starting a NP to assist new business owners in startup and helping to structure their business in the proper way. I truly believe that change starts in the mind first. And many of us assume the worst from all that we’re faced with today. Because of the time’s we are living today, politicians are the least favorable and least trusted. I can only hope and pray that your intentions are true to helping the people and not yourself like times past. Thank you for your service.

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